Reliability Consulting ManagementReliability Consulting

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM2) methodology is applied to strategically chosen systems and/or components to preserve the asset functions while eliminating or reducing the failure consequences. As a certified and licensed member of Aladon and The Aladon Network, Accord Data Center Advisors brings a proven process to systematically and scientifically analyze you critical assets. With Ivara supported EXP Pro RCM software, also proven a reliable platform to electronically manage the RCM process, deliver the customer a living document for management of the maintenance plan for the life cycle of the asset. And, establish a database for the customer to integrate into a CMMS platform making it possible to adapt to changing circumstances easily.

PM Optimization / FMEA / Spares AnalysisPM Optimization / FMEA / Spares Analysis

A strategic assessment of a site’s infrastructure will identify certain systems and components as benefiting from a preventative maintenance optimization analysis which may entail performing a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA). Spares analysis on the critical system components is incorporated into the RCM2 and FMEA to reduce the consequences of failure.

Site Assessment / Program Management

RCM programs sometime results in the necessity to redesign to eliminate the consequences of failure or reestablish/improve reliability. Those results can be managed from design to commissioning and turn-over to ensure results meet the client’s expectations for the performance of the asset and to integrate into the living RCM documents.